Poster Competition


2017 Poster

2017 Artist Asem Shahed


2016 Poster

2016 Artist Wafa Sultana


2015 Artist Tito Fabian

2015 Artist Tito Fabian


2014 Artist Hossam Shibly

2014 Artist Hossam Shibly

Submission Rules

  1. Artwork must promote the Palestinian people and culture
  2. Artwork must be non-political and non-religious in nature
  3. All submissions must be in vector formatted files such as PDF or EPS
  4. You may be asked to make minor modifications pre or post announcement of winner
  5. Submit your name, contact information, and vector formatted file to
  6. Artists can verify that all work submitted is their own or have proper copyright licensing
  7. All submissions become the property of the PACC organization
  8. Deadline for submission is December 31, 2017
  9. Winners will be announced January 7, 2017