PACC Vision

PACC is an organization founded as a united Palestinian American group that respects individual differences while seeking common ground to achieve positive advancements for the status and connection of Palestinian Americans with the wider community in the Houston area.

PACC Mission, Aims, and Objectives

The purpose of this center shall be:
  • To unite and empower the Palestinian American Community.
  • To promote cultural and humanitarian programs that highlight the rich heritage of Palestine.
  • Advocacy, education, and development of programs and functions that will serve and improve our community’s standing and image.
  • To strive for equality, dignity, and freedom of Palestinians everywhere, and to defend their inalienable rights.
  • This center shall be inclusive, non-profit, non-sectarian, and democratic.
  • The center and its members will work actively to reach other segments of the community and offer services as needed and when possible.

PACC Code of Conduct