This is your opportunity to be a leader in your community and the wider community in Houston.

The PACC Board is comprised entirely of volunteers who wish to lead the organization towards the positive advancements of Palestinian Americans in Houston. We are always welcoming for qualified and respected community members to join the Board so we can grow as an non-profit, all while ensuring our services reach further segments of our community in Houston and in Palestine. We do appreciate your time and serious consideration in helping PACC and our community at large.

Requirements for a Board Position

  • Must be 21 years of age or older
  • Reside in the Greater Houston Area
  • Required to attend monthly Board meetings
  • Expected to be involved in at least one committee or project
  • Must share PACC’s Vision as an organization
  • Previous non-profit/volunteer/organizing experience

Application Material

Please be sure to submit all your application material to

Incomplete application will not be accepted.

  • Submit one photograph of yourself
  • Your latest CV / Resume, which includes
    • Current job responsibilities and job history
    • Past education, certification & degrees obtained
    • Fundraising projects participation or skills
    • Mention any involvement as board member or chair on committees & events
    • Additional information ( Leadership, character traits, inspirational qualities, etc….)
  • Letter of intent, which includes
    • Why do you want to join our organization?
    • What difference you can make to the organization?
    • What’s your goal while a member of Board?
    • Which areas of PACC’s involvement do you think would suit you best?
  • One or Two Letters of recommendation.
  • Any additional supporting material you feel will be of value.