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Dear Friends and Members of PACC:

Gaza is in crisis. During the past seven weeks of the Great Return March, the people of Gaza coordinated non-violent marches to express their desire for an end to the siege of Gaza and the accompanying violence and wars by Israel that has taken so many lives over the years. What was Israel’s response? Over 100 Palestinians have been killed (including journalists, medics, women, young children, and non-violent protesters) and thousands and thousands have also been seriously and gravely injured, including injuries sustained from live bullets directed by Israeli snipers at the protesters that are meant to intentionally maim and permanently injured.

We cannot sit by and do nothing in the face of such gross injustice and inhumane treatment.

PACC is mobilizing to send donations to the medical facilities and hospitals that are treating the wounded and dying in Gaza, as well as to provide basic first aid, food, water, and other basic necessities that are in short supply and that the people of Gaza are struggling to provide for their families.

Iftar Assistance

In honor of the special month of Ramadan, please consider donating the cost of one “Iftar Meal” in the amount of $40.00, which could help feed a family of 4 or 5.

Medical Treatment and Aid

Additionally, PACC will also distribute any Zakat money and donations for medical aid to be distributed to MAP (Medical Aid in Palestine)

We encourage you to give generously and as much as you can. All the donations will be provided to non-profit organizations that help our brothers and sisters in Gaza who are barely surviving in the open air prison they are forced to stay in. They need your support!

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2018 PACC Scholarship Program

This year, the PACC scholarship program will award $3,000 scholarships to deserving students. Applications for the 2018-2019 school year are no longer being accepted. Winners will be announced Aug 2018


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2016 PACC Scholarship Winners

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How We Give Back

  • $9,000 in scholarships was offered in 2015 to six students, both undergraduate and graduate from across Texas.
  • Awarded to students who have been active in giving back to the community
  • Offered regardless of nationality
Global Outreach
  • In 2015, $10,000 was donated to  the Jerusalem Fund and the Holt Prize: Palestine Project.
  • Our donation to the Jerusalem Fund helps the organization open another branch of the Palestine Diabetes Institute.  The new location will be in Al Khalil (Hebron), Palestine.
  • The Holt Prize is the planet’s largest student competition to solve the  world's toughest challenges.  Our donation helps students in Palestine compete a global stage.
Community Outreach
  • PACC provides charitable donations and volunteer efforts to aid Houston refugees and other local charity organization.
  • In 2015, over $5,000 was donated to various organizations and student's groups
  • Our Helping Hands co-operation supplied 750 boxes (44,000 lbs.) of food for refugee families.