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During these challenging and uncertain times with the outbreak of the coronavirus, the Houston Arab Community has not been spared from the economic impact. That is why the Palestinian American Cultural Center of Houston has joined a coalition of Arab organizations in the Houston community to carry forward mutual aid relief efforts to serve and support the Arab community of Houston.

Our first step as the Houston Arab Community Mutual Aid Coalition or HACMA Coalition is outreach to our community so that we better understand the needs of the community in this trying time. In order to achieve this, we have done the following and ask for your participation:

(1) We put together a form in both Arabic and English to find out who in our community needs help.
(2) We put together a form for volunteering and donations.

Both forms can be found by clicking here

We are hoping we can work together to build a strong, united Arab community in Houston to uplift one another. If you have any questions or need to reach our coalition at any time, please contact:

Stay safe,
PACC Board of Directors

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